Biff Bound #2 (by Sean)


Biff Bound #2 (by Sean)

About the gay erotic artist and cartoonist John Klamik, so there wil be references to men’s bodies and mansex, though the hardcore images are off in a posting on AZBlogX. But the topic will obviously not suit every reader.

(This is also a posting from way back in my posting queue, drawing mostly on material collected in 2016.)

The impetus comes from my 4/28/16 posting on this blog, “Gay comics in the 21st century”, with a comment from Billy Britt mentioning Klamik and Tom of Finland.

Klamik. From Wikipedia:

Sean and Shawn were the pen-names of John Klamik (July 22, 1935 – January 5, 2005), an American artist specializing in gay male erotica and comics. His homosexual-themed cartoons were among the first to appear in US publications, including a regular feature in the early years of The Advocate. He worked under two pen-names: Shawn for more mainstream gay publications such as In Touch, and Sean for fetish publications such as Drummer and Bound & Gagged.

(#1) “Chains Required” in Drummer Magazine Comic, Volume 2 No. 13 (1977), by SHAWN, or John Klamik (with a pun on chains)

… His first erotic work was “published” in 1963, by taking photographs of the illustrations and making prints in home darkrooms. In 1965, he began doing editorial and gag comics for The Advocate, and in the late 1960s did a half-page series under the title “Gayer Than Strange”.

In the 1970s he did both softcore and hardcore illustrations for erotic novels and collections of short stories published by Larry Townsend, and his Leatherman’s Handbook. In the mid 1970s he created stand-alone wordless hardcore comics Biff and Biff Bound for San Francisco publisher Le Salon, which featured centerfolds with 10 and 15 men having sex, respectively.

(#2) The cover of Biff Bound

During this time he produced eighteen 10-page comics stories for hardcore photo-story magazines published by Nova Studios, which were reprinted in Meatmen [compendia of gay comics]. In the 1980s he also did art direction for some of Nova’s porn films and videos. In the late 1980s he produced “Up the Block”, a humor comic strip set in a gay neighborhood, for Frontiers. He produced 27 installments of “Jake”, a 4-page series for Jock magazine; over 20 episodes of “Dick Darling, Hollywood Cover Boy”, a 2- or 4-page strip for a twink-themed porn magazine; and 7 episodes of “Johnny Guitar” for another magazine.

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